Shoe Love: St. Honore by Art

Imagine a day spent sightseeing as you walk along the Champs-Elysées towards the Arc de Triomphe and on to the Tuileries. You stop at a cafe and sip coffee while you watch the people go by… and in the early evening, after spending a few hours at the Louvre, you wander past the perfect little brasserie and grab an informal meal before heading to the Eiffel Tower for a twilight ride to the top.

That’s how St. Honore by Art shoes makes us feel… like we are ready to spend a beautiful spring day in Paris. This shoe is built with both style and comfort in mind. Starting with the cushioned leather insole and the shock-absorbing recycled cork and rubber outsole, this is a shoe that is built to cushion your feet as you are walking and keep you moving all day. Art’s special insole technology means that the sole will mold itself to your foot as you wear it. But we also love the graduated shades of red that make the shoe remarkably versatile and wearable with shades from neutrals like khaki and brown to colorful florals. Feminine without being girlie, the St. Honore is graceful on the foot. The mid-height heel elongates the leg and the straps accentuate the ankle in a subtle way. The style is a thoughtful take on a classic, using color and silhouette for an updated vibe.

Try the St. Honore with skinny jeans, a boat-neck black and white striped tee, and a boyfriend blazer for the perfect Austin take on French style.

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