Meet the Brands: Esska

If you are looking for a pair of shoes with lines that are very pure, clean, and unique in style, then you should check out Esska. Esska’s originality stems from the fact that Souraya Karami, the brand’s founder and designer from London, originally trained and worked as an architect before deciding that her future lay in shoes. Souraya decided to use her architectural skills to make shoes that are feminine, comfortable, and not over designed which translates into clean lines, dominant shapes, organic silhouettes and bold colors.

It was Souraya’s passion for shoes and, in her words, “a distinct lack of footwear that is designed for confident women who place equal value on comfort and beauty” that led her to develop Esska.

“I believe in inner beauty and the concept of feeling good” says Souraya, “it’s the harmony with oneself that makes one look good.”

Look good in a pair of Esskas that we have available now:

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